Currently, with the development of science and technology, more and more software applications are appearing on the internet. One software that is used a lot of people is Anydesk. So what is Anydesk? How to use Anydesk? The following article will introduce Anydesk software. 

What is Anydesk? 


Talking about remote control of the computer, we will immediately think about TeamViewer, this software is highly appreciated for its performance in remote computer management and access, and more is the best free application for personal use needs. 

The only downside of TeamViewer is that it “accidentally” prevents users from continuing to use it after a while and forces them to buy the software license key. Therefore, if you are in this situation, then you can choose to use other free applications instead, and AnyDesk is the option that you should try. 

AnyDesk is free software that connects and controls remote computers developed by the employees who create TeamViewer software. AnyDesk offers users four versions to use, including free, lite, professional and enterprise. If used for personal needs, the AnyDesk FREE version will be very suitable for you. 

AnyDesk uses the TLS1.2 protocol to encrypt all verified connections and uses DeskRT technology to provide the best quality connection images. 

Once downloaded, you can launch and use AnyDesk without installation. Besides, the size of this software is quite small. AnyDesk’s interface is not as attractive as TeamViewer. It is designed as a web browser window with two options: the box that provides the connection number range and the code input box to connect to the computer that also opens AnyDesk. 

When you need to connect to another computer via AnyDesk, you need the other computer to also launch this tool and send the connection number on the This Desk line to you. Then you will paste the code sent to the Remote Desk box and click Connect is done. 

Anydesk download
Anydesk download

If you want to install AnyDesk on your computer, click the Install AnyDesk on this computer line. Then proceed to customise some settings (or keep the default) and click Accept & Install to start the installation process.  

Besides connecting via the AnyDesk ID serial number, you are also provided with other connectivity options, including entering IP or hostname or using unattended access in the LAN that requires you to set up monitoring password before. 

This method is quite useful if you need to access a computer without their permission. AnyDesk has a lot of options to tweak the control rights. In it with the default setting, it allows the remote control of the computer to see the content of your computer screen, hear the output sound, and control the keyboard and mouse. You can navigate to the settings to change the default permissions and security settings. Besides controlling the computer, you can also transfer data between the two computers by dragging and dropping the file onto the control screen. 

Currently, AnyDesk is only for the Windows operating system. However, the development team behind AnyDesk says it is working with versions for Android, macOS X, Linux, and iOS. 

With all the outstanding features this remote control software will help users to trust the software. Whether it is Anydesk software or TeamViewer software, there are exceptional features suitable for users. 

Hopefully, Anydesk software is the software that always accompanies you, helping you in every available job. 

Download Anydesk: 

Download For Mac

Download For Windows


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