GTA 5 game is also known as Grand Theft Auto 5, the fifth Street Pirates game is currently storming the Vietnamese Entertainment Village market which is loved by many gamers, in addition to GTA 5 version. for computers, Rockstar Games has released a GTA V version for mobile phones. However, it will have a different usage and a different way of playing from the computer version. So if you are looking to learn about this game on your phone, you can refer to some information shared below.

GTA 5 increasingly attracts a lot of players /
GTA 5 increasingly attracts a lot of players /

General introduction information about the game GTA 5

Introducing GTA 5 game

GTA V is a free open world game wherever you want, even in this mission and designed with extremely beautiful 3D graphics, this game has only been released for a while. short but quickly attracted a large number of players involved.

Coming to the game Street Frustration 5th part for Android phones, you will be incarnated and become a cowboy, or a member of a gang gang organization and your mission will be is a bank robbery that has been planned in advance and quickly cleverly realistic quickly, and you must quickly leave the scene, flee before you are wanted by the police. An adventure game that feels interesting and attracts players.

The space in the game Street Chaos 5 stretches through the endless lands with the hustle of the city, the tranquil tranquility of the countryside and the dreaming of the immense sea …

All make the player feel like they are living in the context of the game, not stopping there, the player will be satisfied with the sight of vast flight paths through majestic mountains or magnificent sunsets. also imprinted on the immense waters of the late afternoon, the feeling of being submerged in the clear waters of the blue sea is full of icy corals.

The main features of the game GTA 5 on the phone

GTA 5 supports game players to control and switch flexibly between the three main characters in the game. On the phone has also been added a “selfie” feature by the phone for characters. New features such as cycling, swimming, learning to drive spacecraft, helicopters, fighters, are all added. into the. Beautiful 3D graphics beautifully, diverse audio features, images in the game are true. GTA 5 is one of the main role-playing action games so in addition to the above factors, it is also appreciated by the variety and realistic simulation of weapons, vehicles, modern equipment. 

GTA 5 is the game that you will enjoy playing
GTA 5 is the game that you will enjoy playing


How to play GTA 5 game on the phone

The game supports playing in first-person view (FPS – First Person Shooter) and third (TPS – Third Person Shooter), moving in the world by navigating feet to walk or transport. Players control three main characters throughout the game and can switch controls between characters outside or in the mission (some segments in the mission force the player to control a certain character or have to convert to another character). The story mainly revolves around the work of criminals such as robbery, fighting, involving shooting and driving. The police system in the game will always try to control the player when committing a certain level of crimes by imprisoning or killing, the higher the number of wanted stars (maximum of five stars) The level of police danger for the character is increasing, similar to the previous Grand Theft Auto sections. GTA 5 has a multiplayer live game mode, allowing up to 30 players to explore the world together, on missions, participate in games such as fighting, racing. 

If you are a beginner, do not worry about downloading the game app and slowly playing, you will experience and guide carefully before playing.

Information step by step instructions can also help you gain knowledge when participating in this game. You access the GTA 5 game for Android that has been downloaded and installed on the device before. Next at the application interface, click the Play icon as shown below to start participating in how to play GTA 5 on Android phones. To move the character in the game, we perform the familiar moves like the 3D games on other phones: swipe the screen up to go forward, or swipe the screen to the side to rotate the Camera .

Besides, we have other supporting function keys that you should be familiar with. The map allows users to click and select a map to locate their current location, as well as the destination. The button that uses the Car, depending on which vehicle you stand next to, will take that vehicle, such as a car or bicycle. The most important button is used to fight on the street.

The next step to familiarizing yourself with how to play GTA 5 on your phone is that we control the vehicles to move such as motorcycles, cars, bicycles … including the following function keys: Press used to move vehicles including go button and brake button. Push button to move the vehicle backward and push button to honk on the vehicle. And push the button back to the move to perform the acrobatic aerial phase.

One point you need to pay attention to is that in the event that you take the car when the Police officer is nearby, it will be controlled and arrested by the police, what you need to do is to run away quickly. When you click on the map item will appear where you are next to it we will look for the area you need to go on that table as shown below.

Besides, during the game, you see the icons as shown below we can go there to perform the Save game after participating in learning how to play GTA 5 on the phone or performing tasks. And finally, you have to remember that you have to select the empty box where the Save Game is left to save the Save Game after each game is finished.

On it is some sharing information on how to play as well as necessary information about the game GTA 5. A game is much loved and increasingly attracted a large number of participants. Hopefully the above information will help you gain more knowledge and can help you play it easily.

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