Human: Fall Flat

There is good news for gamers that after a while, Human: Fall Flat is now available for mobile. The game has been around since 2016, but it was only for PC. Its publisher Curve Digital then agreed with 505 Games to make it available for mobile users. Let’s learn more about the mobile version of the game in this article.

About the game Human: Fall Flat

Human: Fall Flat is a physics-driven puzzle game that comes with platformer elements. The main character is Bob, a customizable all-white human who has a standard appearance and the baseball cap. You will play as Bob and can dress him up with different costumes.

Your character is an all-white human
Your character is an all-white human

Before the mobile version is available, gamers can play Human Fall Flat on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Linux. Now, you can download the game on App Store or Google Play to your mobile device. But make sure your devices run the iOs versions of 12 and the Android versions of 5.0 and above. The mobile edition of Human Fall Flat supports the same languages that are supported on other platforms, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai, Indonesian, Polish, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Lithuanian.

More importantly, the Human Fall Flat game is rated E and there is no content descriptor which is safe for children. So parents don’t need to worry about letting their kids play the game. 

How do you play the game?

Before starting to play the game, you can change Bob’s appearance by painting his body or choosing his clothes. This character customization makes it easy to tell everyone apart. Players can customize their characters as a penguin, a bearded hipster, a fireman and even a dinosaur. Furthermore, players can recolor the costumes and wear them as a whole or in pieces. And completing the appearance, let Bob grab and use the objects to clear each puzzle. This task is not easy to do because of the goofy animations. However, there are hidden remotes that provide players with hints to solve the puzzles.

The puzzles are definitely creative, but Human Fall Flat is not one of those games that resembles real-world physics. Instead, you will see things that are moved around, you can also climb up to a higher platform or cross a gap. It will be fun to break down walls and watch them crumble into physics-affected pieces. Or you can use the fully functional catapult to launch yourself across the map. 

It is fun to play the game with friends
It is fun to play the game with friends

Another interesting thing about the game is that players don’t need to unlock different areas of the game one at a time. Instead, they can choose to explore multiple regions and the character will hurtle down from the sky of the area. Human Fall Flat comes with many possible solutions, workarounds, and approaches. These features make the game more interesting to play with other people. You won’t regret playing this well-designed, challenging, and entertaining game.

There are 135 territories available on Google Play and 151 on iOS. You can save the game and store it in the cloud. In case you are not connecting to the internet, the game will still save progress until it’s able to connect to the cloud.

Is multiplayer mode available?

Similar to the PC version, it is more fun to play the mobile version of Human Fall Flat with friends. Users can play Human Fall Flat online with up to 4 friends by sending an invite link for them to join. To start a multiplayer game in Human Fall Flat mobile, select “Play” from the main menu. Then from the Play Game menu select “Multiplayer”, then select “Host Game”. From the Game setting menu, you have a number of options:

  •  “Select level” allows you to select the level
  • “Lock Game Level” allows you to lock the game level to the just one, which means when you complete the level, it will restart but not jump to the next one.
  • “Max players” allows you to set the number of players playing in the game
  • “Game privacy” allows you to set whether it is a Private or a Public game. When you set a Private game, you must send invitations for other players to join. 
Choose the Multiplayer mode to make the game more enjoyable
Choose the Multiplayer mode to make the game more enjoyable

When you finish your settings, select “Start Lobby” to change the level or wait till other players to join. If it is a private lobby, you need to allow external communications by selecting “Share invite”. From here, you need to select the method you want to share the invite link and share it with your friends. Then press “Start” and enjoy your multiplayer game mode. Make sure that each player has their own device.

You can obtain achievements in the mobile edition of Human Fall Flat. But if you are using a lower-end device, you might need to restart the application when you play for a long time. To make it smoother, you might need to close any other apps that consume CPU power. Only the multiplayer mode requires a strong Internet connection to play. On the other hand, if you are playing a single mode, you don’t need an Internet connection.

Human Fall Flat on mobile supports Bluetooth controllers, so you can play with it to make the game more enjoyable. Keep in mind that the mobile version of Human Fall Flat is not developed by the same team with the PC version so the content updates are not the same. Also, there is no leaderboard on mobile.

Differences between playing Human Fall Flat on iOS and on Android

There is a main difference between the iOS version and Android version of Human Fall Flat. The iOS version was launched without the same controls as the Android version. In particular, on Android, the player has the ability to tap anywhere on screen to disengage them by using the right stick. At launch, iOS did not have this functionality. On iOS, the player must use the right joystick to engage or disengage the arms. Players can turn on and off this feature in the options menu.

Download Human Fall Flat:


Download For Android

Download For IOS

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