Streaming has become a common method today, from watching movies or TV shows to playing games, it seems to be more fun with streaming performance. That’s why there have been many streaming services, including the Mobdro for Android.

What is Mobdro for Android?

Mobdro is a streaming app that allows users to watch movies, TV shows, sporting events, and many more for free. This streaming service also lets you watch news or documentaries on your phone, particularly an Android device. Although there are few security concerns about copyrighted material, Mobdro is still one of the best streaming apps that you need to download and install on your phone.

Download the app easily from the website
Download the app easily from the website

The main reason is because this app functions as an indexing tool. When you are looking for a TV show to watch, it searches the web and compiles links of different streaming channels. These links will appear on your Android device in an organized way. However, Mobdro doesn’t let you choose which movie or episode to watch, but you get to choose a channel. There is a long list of channels with nonstop episodes or movies. Users have plenty of options, from show and movie channels, sporting events to streaming videos of people playing games. This is an interesting app for watching content online. Unfortunately, it is not available on Google Play Store yet.

How does it work?

Mobdro does not produce its own content. Instead, it collects and provides users free video content from all around the internet. The first type of content comes from free sources such as YouTube and webcams. And the second type are from different TV channels and movies networks.

Mobdro for Android provides uninterrupted streaming service with decent quality of the program. In case of geo-restrictions, you can connect to a VPN service to enjoy the Mobdro service better. With Mobdro, Android users will have an extremely pleasing streaming experience.

How to install Mobdro on Android?

As we mentioned above, Mobdro is not available on Google Play Store, so you can download and install from its official website. But make sure you are using an Android device. Then follow these steps:

Step 1: Allow apps from unknown sources on your phone 

Step 2: Download the app

Step 3: Once the download process is completed, start the installation process

Step 4: Confirm all the requirements Mobdro app needs

Step 5: Done! Enjoy online streaming on your Android device

Features of Mobdro for Android

Mobdro provides free content for users
Mobdro provides free content for users

The app has some interesting features:

  • Elegant user interface: Quite similar to YouTube, the app provides an attractive user interface, which is easy for users to navigate. 
  • Video sharing feature: In the Mobdro app, there is a “share” feature that allows you to send a link to other users and check what they are watching on the app.
  • Explore many video streams of your choice: The app provides content from many different sources, so users will have plenty of streaming options.
  • Categories of channels, movies, sports and documentaries: Users get to choose what kind of programs they are interested in through the category.

Advantages of Mobdro for Android

  • Free service
  • Live streams of major TV networks
  • Access to a wide variety of content
  • Custom Android app

Disadvantages of Mobdro for Android

  • There are security concerns
  • Not available on Google Play Store 
  • There are annoying ads
  • Limited compatibility with major platforms except Android
  • Episode selection feature is unavailable
  • Chromecast compatibility is not offered in free version

Some notes while using this app

Because you have to download the app from its website, before visiting the site and using this Mobdro app, you need to know its privacy policy. 

First of all, if you leave a comment on the company’s website, it will log the data in the comment as well as your IP address to detect spam.

Secondly, when you visit the website, you should not upload embedded images to prevent others from downloading the image and extracting information. Your data will be saved on the site and managed by CloudWays and Google Analytics.

Thirdly, because Mobdro‘s website partners with Google AdSense, eBay Partner Network and Amazon’s Affiliate Program, your information can be used to promote their products. That’s why it is recommended to use a VPN service to secure your data when using the app.

How to update the app?

Update the app often to enjoy the best service
Update the app often to enjoy the best service

To ensure that you can enjoy Mobdro’s service smoothly, you need to update the app. Here is how to do it. Firstly, you need to open the app and click on the top left menu option. Then proceed to settings and enable your mobile connection. Afterwards, go back to the menu and select “About”. Then, there will be a pop-up window that gives you the option to update, you just need to click OK and then continue. The app will then ask for confirmation, you click “Install”. And wait for the update process to begin.

Is it free to use the Mobdro app?

At the moment, you can use this Mobdro app for free. However, if you would love to get a few more features such as the Chromecast compatibility, you can upgrade to premium. Also with premium service, you won’t have to see annoying ads. 

If you want to enjoy those benefits and are willing to pay for it, you can upgrade to the Premium service. You still need to download the free app from its website as normal. Then on the upper left corner in the app, you need to tap the logo and select the option “Go Premium”.  The cost for this premium service is about $3.35 a year.

In conclusion, the Mobdro app seems appealing for those who want to watch live content on Android devices for free. But users need to note that it may use pirated sources, so if you don’t care much about your security and privacy, go for it. In addition, to avoid any problem you might have, you should not watch copyrighted content via the app. Now, download the app and enjoy!

Download Mobdro New Version:

Mobdro 2.1.94

Download Mobdro old version:

Mobdro 2.1.92

Mobdro 2.1.90
Mobdro 2.1.88

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