What is Tik Tok?

Why is Tik Tok so popular?

Tik Tok is a social app designed for making and sharing videos. If it sounds familiar, it can remind you of Vine or Dubsmash. So today, we will find out what we can do on Tik Tok and why it has become so popular.

Why is Tik Tok so popular?
Why is Tik Tok so popular?

A brief history of Tik Tok

Tik Tok is a social application which is compatible mostly with iOS and Android phones. This app is used for entertainment by making and sharing videos.

At the beginning, it is like a lip-syncing app as people will record their video and pretend to sing or talk based on the available music. This sounds quite familiar, right? Of course it is because there are a few similar apps which have been released first such as Vine or Dubsmash.

Moreover, Tik Tok is not really a new application. I mean  it’s actually the second iteration of Musical.ly which was invented in 2014 by Chinese entrepreneurs Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang. At that time, Musical.ly gained a successful result with over 200 Million users by mid 2017.

In 2016, the Beijing-based tech company ByteDance created a rival to Musical.ly named Douyin. Launched in China, within a year, it has more than 100 million users. Then it was renamed to Tik Tok for better international appeal.

In November 2017, Bytedance decided to buy Musical.ly with around $1 billion. And a year later, in August 2018 Tik Tok absorbed Musical.ly. Obviously, all the Musical.ly accounts will automatically join in the Tik Tok community.

What is Tik Tok used for?

What can you do on Tik Tok?

There must be some reasons that make Tik Tok become so popular. Here are something that you can do on Tik Tok:

  • Watch videos: Obviously, videos are central to the TikTok experience. When you enter the app for the first time, there will be a bunch of videos showing up with various different types such as: animals, cartoon, music,… After experiencing for a while, you can choose your favorite types and Tik Tok will show you more videos in the same field.
Different types of video will show up
Different types of video will show up
  • Create or upload videos: Beside watching others’ videos, you can make your own ones. Tik Tok allows you to upload your available videos, edit them and post them on your profile. Moreover, you can create new videos by clicking on the + button and hit the record button.
  • Interact with others: You can connect with other users by many ways. Tik Tok makes a Tikcode for each user so that they can follow each other just through a scan. Basically, you can follow someone’s account so that there will be a notification when they upload a new clip. Moreover, you can like, comment on a favourite video. Tik Tok will calculate and show you more videos in the same type.
You can turn off comment on your videos if you want
You can turn off comment on your videos if you want
  • Live stream: Although Tik Tok limits the time for a video within 1 minute, with Tik Tok premium feature, video creators can make live streams and receive virtual goods from their fans purchased with TikTok Coins. When a user buys them, they can convert them into diamonds or emoji. Diamonds can be exchanged for cash. Prices for coins start at $1.39 for 100, and go up to $139.00 for 10,000.

What do people usually do on Tik Tok?

Above are what you can normally do on Tik Tok, but there are some other activities that users actually do:

  • Add music: Tik Tok subjects are really diverse but mostly they are added soundtracks. Users can add a favorite song to their short videos from the built-in TikTok library. They can add, remix, save, and discover songs and sounds. The most popular activities in these videos are dancing, singing or lip – syncing.
  • TikTok Trends: Also known as TikTok Challenges, these memes typically involve a popular song or hashtag. Some celebrities can perform a special dance or activity and others will do the same things.
Tik Tok trends can create by making video with popular song or hashtag
Tik Tok trends can create by making video with popular song or hashtag
  • Duet and react videos: Tik Tok has a feature that allows users to react or duet other clips. Although this sounds like some Youtubers have done before, Tik Tok is still successful with it. All you have to do is choose any clip you like, select where it will be shown and start your own business.
  • Share videos: TikTok users can share all their videos edited in TikTok on their Instagram, YouTube, and FaceBook profiles. And sometimes, you can download your favourite clips to watch later.
  • Live stream: Nowadays, there are more and more streamers making money from Tik Tok. This happens mostly in China, Tik Tok (known as Douyin) allows users to create live streams with Tik Tok premium features. However, not anyone can do that and it takes a lot of time. So if you just use Tik Tok for entertainment, you don’t need to care about this.
Tik Tok live stream is on Tik Tok premium mode
Tik Tok live stream is on Tik Tok premium mode


  • How to download Tik Tok?

Tik Tok is available on both AppStore and PlayStore, just find it on the search bar and click on install. You can download and enjoy Tik Tok for free

  • Can we make money from Tik Tok?

Yes, somehow.  Companies recently have realised  the power of this social application. Many big brands start running advertisements on this app. On the other hand, you can make money by becoming a hot streamer.

  • Is Tik Tok safe to use?

It’s complicated. We can’t deny that Tik Tok is so funny and addictive, but sometimes there are a few dark sides of it such as: creepy adults, illegal data collection, and sexist teens. So if you have kids, be aware and protect yourself. Remember that nothing is completely safe.


In a nutshell, Tik Tok is a good application for relaxation. I hope this post will give you enough information that you need to know about Tik Tok, especially if you are not a teenager and want to know about trends. Just download it and enjoy yourself.

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