Among Us – the best game of splitting your friendship

Among Us - a deduction game that splits your friendship

Among Us is not a new game as it has been published since 2018. This game was inspired by the real-life board game – Mafia (or Werewolf). Because it belongs to deduction games, you can’t trust anyone, even your best friends. So let’s find out how to play this game and some tricks to be the winner.

Among Us - a deduction game that splits your friendship

Among Us – a deduction game that splits your friendship

What is Among Us?

Among Us is an online multiplayer game and belongs to the category of logical inference. The game was created and developed by an American studio named InnerSloth. Then it was officially released on June 15, 2018.

This game was inspired by the real-life board game – Mafia (or Werewolf). Once you enter the game, you can’t trust anyone but yourself. That’s why this game becomes one of the best games that split your friendship.

At the beginning, this game was not as successful as it is now and the designer Marcus Bromander believed that it was bad marketing of InnerSloth. Actually, the team intended to give up on it several times but they didn’t thanks to some vocal players.

Among Us had gone through some tough times until 2020 when it saw a surge of popularity. In July 2020, Sodapoppin – a Twitch streamer made this game popular on Twitch. Then many other Twitch streamers and Youtubers began playing Among Us, including prominent content creators such as: xQc, Pokimane, Ninja, and PewDiePie.

How to play Among Us?


If you are familiar with Mafia or Werewolf, then the rules of Among Us is just a piece of cake. But if not, don’t worry as I will show you the details right below.

Among Us is a multiplayer game and it allows 4 to 10 people to play together. There are 3 different maps including: a spaceship (The Skeld), a headquarters building (Mira HQ), or a planet base (Polus) where the game can take place.

The game can take place in a spaceship (the Skeld map)

The game can take place in a spaceship (the Skeld map)

In game, there are 2 factions with clearly missions:

  • Crewmates (or normal people): there will be some tasks for them to complete. They are mostly relevant to maintenance work on vital systems, such as electrical rewiring and fueling engines. Crewmates will take the tasks in the form of minigames.
  • Impostors (or the killer): they also have tasks that are fake. Impostors will be chosen randomly and each game will have from 1 to 3 impostors depending on how many players in that match. The impostors can go through vents, destroy the system or kill other people.

When a dead body is reported, there will be a group meeting and everybody will discuss to find out who the murderer is. Then, everyone will vote for the person that they believe is an impostor. If a plurality vote is reached, the chosen person is ejected from the map and dies.

There will be a discussion about who is the impostor

There will be a discussion about who is the impostor

The game will finish if one of 2 factions is the winner. Crewmates can get the point if they can find out all the impostors or finish the tasks before being killed. On the other hand, Impostors will win if they kill enough Crewmates until the number of 2 sides is the same or have a sabotage countdown run out.

So, you can see that the rules of the game are not too hard to understand. Of course, when you play the game, there are few more surprising and funny moments that you can not know.

Tips to win Among Us

No matter which role you are playing, there are a few tips to win the game easier.

If you are an Impostors

Remember that your chance to win is when you kill enough Crewmates or have a sabotage countdown run out. So just follow these tips and you can become the winner:

  • Use vents: One of the abilities helps the Impostor to go faster and more secret is hopping in and out of vents – the small grey square in the corner of each room. With this feature, you can easily show up in any room and kill a crewmate that is near. But be careful! Before you vent, check if someone near or they will know you are Impostor.

Don’t let someone see you hoping in or out of a vent

Don’t let someone see you hoping in or out of a vent

  • Don’t revenge too quickly: Just like Mafia or Werewolf, there will be a turn that someone doubts you, but do not panic! Just act like normal and when you are still alive through that turn, don’t turn around and immediately try to kill them. Because it will become your clear evidence and everyone will know that you are an impostor. Just act like a normal crewmate, use your logic to get out of their suspicion.
  • Do the fake tasks: You don’t need to actually take them, just pretend to do so by going to that place and stand there for a while so that other crewmates can see. Then you just use those fake tasks to advocate for yourself. The important thing is trying to blend in and making yourself look innocent.
  • Follow the accuser: Usually a crewmate will blame on the wrong people and when this happens, just put a doubt on those ones and get them out. However, if there is more than one impostor, maybe your teammates have been detected for their stupid activities. In this situation, don’t be afraid to throw your friend under the bus. Remember you both get to win if the impostors win, even if one is eliminated. So don’t be mad.
  • Use your mind, not your heart: As I mentioned above, one of the reasons this game becomes the best to split your friendship is trusting nobody. And when you have to advocate for yourself, don’t say something like “I’m not an Impostor, you have to trust me.” Just give them some reason about their loss if you are out and take someone to be your witness.

Use your logic to advocate for yourself

Use your logic to advocate for yourself

If you are a Crewmate

You can win this game when you finish all the tasks before being killed or find out all the impostors. Here are some tips for you:

  • Complete all the tasks: this is really easy and important to win the game, don’t focus too much on finding out the impostors, do your own job. However, be careful when you take the task alone, most tasks show up the whole screen, leaving you blind, and can take a long time. May the impostor will come and kill you.
  • Don’t ignore sabotage events: if everyone doesn’t care about the sabotage, the impostors will win easily. Follow the arrow to a place to fix the sabotage before someone gets killed, or yourself. The impostor can turn off the lights or close the doors, you can fix the lights but nothing to do with the door until it opens again. Hopefully, you are not trapped in a room with an impostor.
  • Work in pairs or groups: going around with someone is better than alone. It helps you not be killed unless you are going with an impostor. So, choose wisely.

It’s a bad luck if you go around with an Impostor

It’s a bad luck if you go around with an Impostor

  • Know the map: each map has a different way to move around. Knowing the map helps you to move and complete the tasks faster, sometimes you can catch a suspect action, especially in sabotage events.
  • Use the Emergency button: don’t hesitate to hold an emergency meeting if you have enough information to confirm who is an impostor. However, this won’t work as a sabotage event is happening. So, if the suspect person is roaming around near you when you are trying to push the button, run to save yourself.

Push the emergency button and try not to be killed

Push the emergency button and try not to be killed

Of course, these are not all tips for players. And depending on your personality, you can choose your own way to win this game.

How to download Among Us on PC?

Although you will have to pay about 5$ for this game if you download it via Steam, there is a way you can download and enjoy it for free. Just follow a few simple steps, you will have the full version of Among Us on your PC for free.

  • You need to download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
  • After fishing setup, log in to your Google Play Store account.
  • At the Home tab, go to the Play Store and search Among Us. You can see the search bar at the top right corner.
  • Select to install the game.
  • After downloading, click on the icon and enjoy the game.

Among Us is not a new game but it has become so popular recently that the developers have an announcement about cancelling the sequel. Instead, they will add the features which were designed for the sequel to the available game. So let’s see what InnerSloth will bring to us.

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