The fact of the matter is that WinRAR is a software that used by many people to decompress and compress data files on the computer, making the management or sharing of data simple and faster instead of many bulky files.  WinRAR is a very popular software, almost installed on any computer. But do you know what makes this software so famous? Did you make the most of the utilities it brings?

Overview of WinRAR

WinRAR is file and data compression software developed by Yevgeny Roshal of win.rar GmbH, the first version was released in the fall of 1993. The fact of the matter is that WinRAR is commercial software.

With compact size, fast processing speed, support for many utilities, running on all operating systems from Linux, Windows, Freebsd, Mac, providing many language packs including Vietnamese, etc. WinRAR has defeated all The software is different from its features.

In addition to basic compression and decompression features, WinRAR possesses many unique features, supporting users to handle files more conveniently during use. The following article will summarize some useful features of WinRAR software.

WinRAR is a software that allows users to compress and decompress data files on the computer, this helps greatly in the process of preserving data, as well as transferring and sending data at work and study. In addition, WinRAR has many great features that you may not know. Besides WinRAR, there are a lot of other software such as 7 Zip or WinZip, etc. 7 Zip is considered a rival of WinRAR because of its equally fast decompression speed, and WinZip can be considered as the 2nd version of WinRAR. In addition, installing WinRAR is quite simple for users.

Some basic feature of Winrar

#1 Choose how to compress files on WinRAR

Normally, when you compress a file on WinRAR, it will default to all settings and let the process automatically take place. However, WinRAR offers us many options for compressing files.

We proceed to compress the file with WinRAR. Then in the interface click on the General tab and then look down the Compression method section will see a list of compression mode options.

  • Store: Fast compression speed but large compression capacity, not suitable for large files.
  • Faster: The compression speed is faster than normal, the file size is quite large, not suitable for large files because of the error.
  • Fast: Fast compression time, but slightly compressed file size. In addition, it is not suitable for compressing large files.
  • Normal: The type of compression used often, fast or slow depending on the file size, is relatively stable, less errors occur during compression of large data files.
  • Good: The compression time is longer than normal but the file size is smaller than Normal mode.
  • Best: The longest compression time, the compressed file will have the lowest capacity, suitable for large data types to avoid errors during use.


#2 Compress multiple files at once

This is a very awesome feature. Instead of compressing each file, users can activate the compression mode of multiple files at the same time to reduce operations, saving time.

#3 Split file with WinRAR

Usually, when compressing files on WinRAR, the file size has been significantly reduced, but you can still split large files into smaller files to reduce the size and easier to share.

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Also in the custom compressed file interface, with Archiving options, the user has a number of options for the compressed file and the original file.

  • Delete files after archiving: Delete the original file after the compression has been completed.
  • Create SFX archive: Create self-extracting files without using decompression software.
  • Create solid archive: Apply to small files with large numbers, quite a long compression time, and errors.
  • Add recovery record: Create a backup of the compressed file to get restored if an error occurs during execution.
  • Test archived files: Test the compressed file after it has been completed
  • Lock archive: Lock the file, no longer allowed to edit compressed files.

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#4 Set password for the compressed file on WinRAR

In fact, it is true to say that adding a password to the compressed file  will make it more secure when someone opens the compressed file. At that time, they must have a password to perform other operations.

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#5 Create notes on compressed files

In case you want to add some information to the recipient of the compressed file, you can immediately use the note tool on WinRAR. The content of the note is displayed in the interface of WinRAR when someone open the compressed file.

#6 Fix the corrupted zip file on WinRAR

In the process of compressing and decompressing files on WinRAR,  you may encounter some errors. For example, unable to decompress the file can affect your work. Even on WinRAR, there is also an option to fix the corrupted zip file. WinRAR will then create a recovery file from the original corrupted zip file

#7 Delete the original file after extracting on WinRAR

When the file is unzipped, the original file will be left, but WinRAR has the option to automatically delete the original file after decompressing the data. Then the files are automatically deleted from the computer without you having to delete them manually.

In addition, Winrar also allows users to open iSO file to access the data in it, 

All in all, above are some very useful and necessary features when we compress and decompress files on WinRAR. Not the same as regular file decompression software, WinRAR is also capable of checking, recovering and repairing corrupted files during compression and decompression. These features make data compression and decompression much more efficient, such as setting a compressed file password or compressing multiple files at once, etc

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