The Domain Administrator

What is the newly introduced managed storage and how can I use it?

Managed storage is used by administrators to set the default list of hostnames and URLs to be opened by the external browser on all computers on this network. For instance for the “Open in Chrome” extension that is installed on Firefox browser to open “” hostname in Google Chrome browser, create “{086f665e-6a55-4107-9147-f9a14e72b137}.json” file with the following content and place it in the “ROOT_DIR/ManagedStorage” directory. To find the root directory for your operating system see WebExtensions/Native_manifests.


  "name": "{086f665e-6a55-4107-9147-f9a14e72b137}",
  "description": "managed storage for Open-in-Chrome extension",
  "type": "storage",
    "hosts": [""],
    "urls": []

Note: “{086f665e-6a55-4107-9147-f9a14e72b137}” is the GUID of the extension for Firefox browser.