Tutorial Open Bluestacks


1. Install and open.

– After installing the extension. Click on the extension icon 128 1

2. Required:

– In order for this extension to work on your computer, you first need to download and install the native client from the following path

Copy this link and paste it into your web browser to download the file: (http://borwi.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/bluestacks.zip). After downloading, extracting and installing

required native client

Right-click and install with Run as administrator

screenshot 1

Right-click on the web page containing the .apk file you want open.

screenshot 2

For example I choose a sample apk file to open in Bluestack

screenshot 3

Select Open in Bluestack and download the file to your computer.

screenshot 4

Then your downloaded file will automatically open in Bluestack.
Note: After Bluestack automatically opens, please double click on the downloaded apk file to install