Open Uc Browser Extension

easily open new tab with UC browser with just 1 right click.

Some important features of the Open UC Browser plugin are listed below. Next is an overview of this extension. This summary contains a few words about its extensions, functions, and features. Followed by the FAQ, which is useful for getting information about how this extension works in your browser. If you can’t find a specific answer. We hope the information provided on this site can help you get all the necessary basics of this extension and allow you to have a better experience with Open UC Browser.

Open UC Browser Gives you the ability to open new tabs with UC Browser right from your Chrome browser.

5 Reasons to Use Open UC Browser

  • Right click on the browser and select open with UC Browser
  • You can notify UC Browser from the extension options page.
  • Automatically redirects to UC Browser quickly.
  • You can set the Uc Browser path in your PC from the options page.
  • Available for Chrome on all operating systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Open Uc Browser extension?

As an extension that allows you to open new tabs on UC browser right on Chrome browser with just one right click, it will save you time switching between 2 browsers. To work with this add-on, you need a separate client patch to connect your browser to the native browser in your operating system. Please read the following for more information on how to install and operate with this addon.

2. How do I work with this extension?

When you first install the extension, please go to the options page and adjust the path for the extension. Depending on your operating system, the path to UC Browser may be different. For example, in windows 10, the path is: “C: \ Program Files (x86) \ UCBrowser \ Application \ UCBrowser.exe”. Please double check this path in your operating system and make sure it is correct. After you set the correct path to UC Browser in options page, please install root client patch. This patch is used to perform communication between the extension and UC Browser (native application). Please read the following for more information about how to install a client patch on your computer.

3. What is patch?

The native client patch is used to connect your browser (Firefox, Chrome, and Opera) with the native apps on your machine (Windows, Linux, and Mac). If you have an add-on in your browser that needs to communicate with an external application on your computer, this native application patch can be used to easily make this connection.

4. How can I install the patch for the original client?

After installing the extension, you need to connect it to native applications (ie Uc Browser) on your device. To make this connection a separate patch is provided, which can be downloaded here


Please download and install this patch. Follow the instructions on the page to download and install the relevant patch onto your system. Once installed, the “Open UC Browser” extension in your browser can communicate with the Browser on your machine (Window, Linux or Mac).

5. Does this extension have any toolbar buttons?

No, this extension does not have a toolbar button. The only way to access it is through the context menu item available with your right click.

6. Is this extension available for mobile browsers?

No, it is currently only available for the Desktop browser. However, in the future, it will also be released for mobile browsers.